.objective offers a diverse array of development and analysis products for modern IT platforms, an extensive development and test environment for micro-controller hard- and software systems. Additionally know-how and tools for autonomous driving, driver assistance functions and production of high accurate digital maps are provided. → more


Time to Market and Product Quality are not just byproducts. Concepts like Team-Building, Organization-Wide Learning and Open System Management are just as important as the support gained by using optimal tools.  → more


As an expanding enterprise .objective is always looking to strengthen the team. Currently we are looking for junior and senior C++ software-developers (m/f), software-architects (m/f) and project managers (m/f) with knowledge in autonomous driving, embedded devices, car2X and advanced driver assistance systems. → more


» Dedicated solutions and consulting for the automotive industry

» Software solutions for Autonomous Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

» Cloud Services for the automotive and telematics industry (CSA)

» Connected Car Services (CCS) and technology implementation

» Software engineering and architecture (SEA) for the full life cycle of automotive software components

» Provision of high accurate digital maps (PDM) for autonomous driving including 3D-scanning services

» Innovation for the whole scope of automotive industry

» PDF Expertise

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» Smart Transport of people and goods and related driver coaching systems for Eco-Driving

» Dynamic and multi-modal route planning and support to Users' and Authorities' decision support systems

» Dynamic toll collection and transport-demand-responsive (TDS) road pricing

» Cooperative vehicle-to-infrastructure systems (CVIS) and traffic lights integration

» Precise positioning and related applications, including utilisation of proximity sensors and distributed intelligence

» Private and co-funded Research and Development (R&D) projects in the Smart City Programmes


» Software development and quality assurance

» Business intelligence and analysis and value chain quality assurance

» Stock exchange market interfacing, analysis and forecasting

» Extended functional and technical testing and simulation-based products’ assessments

» Support for securities trading and settlement systems