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Driver behaviour prediction

Trajectories prediction and strategy. Its aim is to increase safety and drive more comfortably in the future of autonomous vehicles.

Tele-operated driving

Developing the step in between today's human drivers and the deployment of fully autonomous vehicles driving on public roads.

3D map reconstruction

Maps reconstruction based on high precision laser scanners, GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems and our efficient SLAM+ algorithm.

Accurate positioning

Accurate and reliable positioning is one of the key drivers for autonomous driving, enabling innovative on-board functionalities and services.

Environmental modelling

Migrating autonomous vehicles from a prototype to an industrial product is mainly a safety and reliability challenge. Here we start from sensor data.

Beyond ADAS

Development of on-board technologies, in use for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, to guarantee continuous product development.

Car sharing 2.0

A car used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence but increasingly consumers view ownership as an expense and a burden.

Traffic light assistance

Autonomous driving cannot leave traffic control out of consideration for its quick and pervasive deployment. Some interesting challenges here!

Mobility gaming

This research project combines the integrated use of vehicle electronics, mobile devices, navigation systems, tablet computers and smartphones.

Vehicle sensing platform

Proof of concept implementation, to demonstrate the usage of vehicles as a mobile sensors to perform comprehensive and detailed traffic monitoring.

SW quality management

Latencies of a few tens of microseconds and throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second make high demands on software development.

Mobile pricing plans

Telecommunications providers are facing the challenge of providing their customers individual pricing plans. Here we develop tools to support this.