Internal workshop on ISO27001 and information security

Information security: what is it good for? Why do we do it? Do you know about these famous attacks?
– OPM: >20 million people affected, personal data including security clearance, names, addresses, fingerprints. CIA agents recalled.
– Sony: terabytes of data stolen, including employee e-mails, financial data, complete (a yet unreleased) movies. Cost them dearly.
– Deutsche Telekom routers: denial of service, hundreds of thousands of customers offline.
Everyone and every company can get hacked, and the results can be catastrophic (if confidential customer data is leaked, for example). Information security (InfoSec) aims to make attacks unfeasible. Protect your data, our data and that of our customers.
The workshop held by Mr. Wolfgang Münst, CISO at .objective Software, clearly explained these topic, with particular reference to the issues encountered in everyday working life by .objective team members. This initiative is part of the programme for ISO27001 certification that is currently in progress.