BMW AUTOSAR Core: BMW Group commissions Objective Software for longtime project

BMW AutoSAR Core: BMW Group commissions .objective Software for longtime project

The Bavarian automobile manufacturer BMW Group has retained the services of .objective Software for the implementation and upkeep of BMW AutoSAR Core (BAC) and adaptive BMW AutoSAR Core (aBac). .objective Software hence is awarded a contract for a project spanning four years, which directly influences the driving pleasure of future customers of BMW.

Objective Software supplies AutoSAR expertise for BMW

As a longstanding partner in development of BMW, .objective Software offers the local expertise in the field of AutoSAR. .objective implements generic functions within the environment of BAC and aBAC. Hence many controller units will be able to use new basis functions, especially within the area of autonomous driving.

.objective supports further divisions within BMW with adaptive BAC and is responsible for the integration of the functions. The immediate proximity to BMW’s headquarters in Munich therefore is imperative. “We’re proud to reinforce our longstanding cooperation with BMW and continue to develop another crucial basis component.”, says Robert Hoffmann, a member of .objective’s management.

About AutoSAR

AUTOSAR stands for Automotive Open System Architecture and is an open, standardised software architecture for the auto industry. Since 2003, leading automobile manufacturers, subcontractors and other companies from related industries such as software, semiconductor or electronics  have been working on improving the standard. The core is formed by companies such as BMW Group, Bosch, Continental, the Daimler AG, Ford, General Motors and 200 additional partners who mount the foundation for a simpler approach to reliable control of increasingly complex electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles.

Additionally, a standardized integration platform for electronic control units (ECU) of vehicles has existed with adaptive AutoSAR since March 31st 2017. It is based on POSIX operating systems and establishes the new standard for ECUs because of its high security standards and performance. aBAC basically is a fusion of microcontroller-based ECUs and microprocessor-based multimedia ECUs. It doesn’t need to be constantly redeveloped and thusly saves manufacturers and subcontractors time and money.