.Objective Software Parking Management

.objective Parking Management: You’ll never search for parking ever again

You’re in a rush and searching for a parking spot. Cruising past rows of cars you finally think you found a space only to find it’s been occupied by a Smart. If only there were parking attendants in everyday life! .objective Software currently is working on a parking management system to spare you the frustrating waste of time. 

Parking Management by .objective Software: Parking Without Frustration

Recent studies show: 30% of disruptions in traffic are caused by people searching for a parking spot. The influx in traffic not only is a huge waste in time, but also a strain on our environment. The constant stop-and-go-traffic increases air pollution. .objective’s parking management solution navigates the driver directly to a free parking spot and controls the parking lot efficiently. Our product utilises optical and laser scanning sensors and LiDAR technology. The provider gains full access to the backend of the product, including real-time information, longterm forecasts on available parking spots and in-depth analysis. The user profits from a precise navigation to the next free parking sport via the companion iOS-app.

.objective Software will implement the first parking system on the premises of Fiducia AG in Karlsruhe in March 2018. The IT company is the first to pioneer .obejctives new technology and provide their employees and customers with seamless parking management.

Parking Management is a product of .objective Software GmbH. The patent is currently pending.