.objective Software presents teleoperated driving in Lisbon, Portugal

.objective Software presents teleoperated driving in Lisbon, Portugal

On June 6 and 7, 2018, .objective Software presented teleoperated driving at the opening of the 5G Hub in Lisbon. Together with our partner Vodafone Portugal, we presented our Teleop to a mixture of international audience and political celebrities.

Our teleoperated i3 has probably never been more beautiful: Directly on the banks of the Tagus River, on the grounds of the Expo 1998, the vehicle rotated its remote-controlled circles. Although we did not replicate the same distance at our showcase in Portugal as we did at the opening of the 5G Lab in Düsseldorf, we further developed our user interface to give teleoperated driving a modern, timeless touch. The vehicle’s control center was located in the Vodafone Portugal building, while the car was driving one kilometer away on the banks of the Tagus.

Teleoperated Driving: Highlight of the 5G Hub opening in Lisbon, Portugal

Besides the who-is-who of Portuguese and Latin American industry, Guilherme W. d’Oliveira Martins, the Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure, also tried out our product. During his joyride, such an enthusiastic grin spread across his face that marked our product as the highlight of the exhibition.

In two days we succeeded in bringing teleoperated driving closer to the many visitors of the 5G Hub. Many visitors to the event were inspired by teleoperated driving to develop new mobility concepts for their companies. We at voj.objective look forward to bringing teleoperation into new industries and creating new applications.