Precise positioning is a key technology of the autonomous driving ecosystem. The HIGHTS project is about improving the accuracy of vehicle geolocation by means of a resilient and flexible Geolocation engine able to guarantee a superior level of confidence in all working conditions. The Geolocation Engine is based on diverse technologies such as GNSS, vehicle data analytics, ranging, cooperative positioning and local dynamic maps.
The tests, held at the .objective headquarters in Munich, involved the .objective R&D vehicle and a second one equipped with the HIGHTS positioning technology. The vehicles estimate the trajectory via on-board sensors, match the detected environmental features with those reported in the HD Maps, exchange CAM messages via C2X and ultimately report position, accuracy parameters and many other information used by the positioning engine. After this successful test session, .objective will finalize the vehicle platform by tuning antennas and calibrating on-board sensors, in order to meet the hi-precision requirements.
Looking forward to the test drive in Helmond, at the TASS international testing facility!