Zum International Women's Day: Objective-Softwareentwicklerin Polina Kondratieva im Gespräch

International Women’s Day: In Conversation With Objective Software developer Polina Kondratieva

#metoo, gender pay gaps, equality: Since summer of 2017, the discussion of women’s rights has reached an entirely new level. It also shows we still need a day of the year dedicated to the matter. Equality will only happen when it’s settled in everybody’s minds and understanding.

International Women’s Day: Interview with Objective Software developer Polina Kondratieva

Thankfully, it’s the case for some. Polina Kondratieva has been working as a software developer and IT-consultant for Objective Software for five years now. Amongst her coworkers, she surely sticks out: She’s one of the only female developers working for us. As a consultant she develops and implements solutions for our customers. Still, she’s a stranger to discrimination. As a senior amongst her peers, many of her predominately male coworkers ask her advice on complex projects with many dependancies and customer specific tool chains. They don’t care that she’s a woman, for them she’s a coworker. During our short interview for International Women’s Day Polina exclaims why software development is such an exciting field and why it really doesn’t matter, if you’re male or female in this industry.

Why did you decide to be a software developer?

I like understanding technological problems and tasks and working on solutions for them. Especially programming a computer to help us decode our problems. It’s a great feeling to be able to correct anything. If the program doesn’t act according to your devices, it won’t be the end of the world. Another analysis, correction and test will ensure we’ll end up with the perfect program, which solves our problems.

How do you handle possible bias in the industry?

I haven’t experienced much prejudice in my life, maybe I’ve always ignored it, though. In my line of work, there’s always a lot of discussion on possible solutions. Sometimes my arguments are better, sometimes the others can convince me. In some rare cases you just have to back down, though – some people won’t ever agree to another person, no matter if male or female.

Why should more women join the industry?

I wouldn’t say more women should join in particular. We need people who live and breathe code. It really doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female, all that matters is that they can’t imagine a life without developing algorithms and coding.

What would you advise girls and young women who want to be a software developer?

Don’t be afraid to do what you really like. Choose where you want to apply yourselves with a passion and what is fun to you. Don’t listen to people saying: “Girls have no place here.” Today, those people should be the exception anyways. Don’t think to yourselves: “I’m a girl, so I need to do this.” Overall, you’re a valuable employee who loves their job and is good at it. Everything else is secondary. As long as you act professionally, you’ll be fine.

Do you live and breathe code? Look no further. We want YOU for Objective Software and we don’t care whether you’re a man or a woman. We’re currently looking for developers, project managers and more. Have a look at our job ads!