.objective Software brings teleoperated crane to CEBIT 2018

.objective software brings the teleoperated crane to CEBIT 2018

.objective Software brought the hit showcase to Hanover: Together with our partners Vodafone and Schmidbauer we presented our teleoperated crane at the CEBIT 2018. We presented the crane software in Pavilion 33 of the IT fair. This controlled the Schmidbauer crane, which operated 350 kilometers away in Aldenhoven.

Many visitors to CEBIT had a childhood dream come true in the week of June 12, 2018: Operate a real crane once in their lives. Especially the male visitors at the joint stand of .objective Software, Vodafone, and Schmidbauer at CEBIT 2018 were enthusiastic about the teleoperated crane.

Teleoperated crane at CEBIT 2018: Just like the real thing

We first presented the crane project with our partners at the opening of the Vodafone 5G Lab in Düsseldorf. For the showcase in Hanover we polished the user interface and stabilized the video connection. This resulted in a latency of 15 milliseconds – almost real-time control, especially for a crane. Maik Zutz, a crane operator at Schmidbauer, commented: “I can’t tell the difference at all. Even when I’m in the crane, I have a certain latency in response time. Operating this teleoperated crane feels like sitting in the crane itself.”

One of the reasons for the realistic implementation is the crane’s weight: Due to the equipment weighing tons, it takes a while for the threads to jump on and move the crane. For this reason, we also offered our teleoperated crane operators four different camera perspectives at CEBIT. Besides the view from the cab, we also offer our drivers a bird’s eye view from the hook and from the top of the crane as well as a view of the winch. These different perspectives enable effective and precise control of the crane.

However, the teleoperated crane is not just an exciting showcase for a trade fair. Due to the shortage of skilled workers among crane operators, the use of teleoperation on construction sites, ports or airports is already necessary. With new and old partners in these areas, .objective Software will find an all-inclusive solution to this problem.