Objective Software celebrates 20th anniversary in Munich

Objective Software celebrates 20th anniversary in Munich

On November 13th, Objective Software celebrated its 20th anniversary. A big party in honor of that festive day was held on the following Friday at the Munich Restaurant Brasserie OskarMaria.

20 years ago on, our CEO Dr. Clemens Dannheim founded the company. Back then, Objective Software had focused on transitioning from the Deutsche Mark to the Euro and building banking software. Further down along the line, the company specialized on automotive software and entered research projects with major OEMs. After expanding to countries like Italy, Luxembourg and Poland, Objective started developing several products like teleoperated driving, infrastructure-based autonomous driving and parking management system. In August 2018, the CEOs of Objective decided to take the company to the next level: Objective Software became a part of Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), thusly enabling the company to better scale projects and products.

On Friday, November 16th, Objective Software celebrated its anniversary with its employees and new and old partners. Some of Objective’s customers joined the team in their celebration at the exquisite restaurant Brasserie OskarMaria in the heart of Munich. Brought together by great food, interesting presentations and the great band Highlevel Livemusic, the closest people to the company celebrated 20 years of Objective Software.

Onwards, to 20 more years!

Foto credit: Riva / nicolariva.de