.objective Software CEO Clemens Dannheim

.objective Software-CEO Clemens Dannheim featured in Journal of Design, Business & Society 4.1

The research publication Journal of Design, Business & Society recently published an extensive interview with Dr. Clemens Dannheim. In the conversation, our CEO discussed the future of mobility and a connected world with author Dr. Gjoko Muratovski.

Where is mobility going? What should we really expect from autonomous driving? Where are the benefits? In an interview spanning several pages, Dr. Clemens Dannheim answers these questions thoroughly. “In the future, the plan is to relieve constantly increasing traffic growth not by expanding street connections”, explains Clemens Dannheim, “but instead by means of intelligent communication between traffic participants.” This future may not be far away: After all, there are a lot of bright minds working on exactly these kinds of projects already. Also, the prestage of connected cars is in our daily lives already.

Interview with Clemens Dannheim in the Journal of Design, Business & Society

“Connected Drive is definitively our present, and we keep on searching for new targets and new ideas.”, the .objective CEO adds in the interview. After all, doesn’t every new car come with its own operating system, software, and features? Doesn’t any car ask you after a certain period of driving time, if you want to take a break? Connected Drive has arrived already, which means future concepts are not far – such as our Parking Management System. This system navigates your car to your next parking spot and cuts down the time you’re searching for a parking spot significantly. “The traffic flow produced by vehicles looking for a parking space reaches 30 percent of the total;” explains Dr. Dannheim in the interview, “connected vehicles could be part of the solution to clear this hurdle.”

However, these future technologies can’t be developed without the right people on the task. As a company that is growing fast, .objective Software and its leadership are aware of the fact. In the conversation with Dr. Muratovski, Dr. Dannheim praised his employees at the company for that very reason. “We believe that our people, their creativity, and their skills are the most valuable asset we have.”

The quotes for this article were pulled from the interview from the Journal of Design, Business & Society 4.1. To read the entire piece, please visit the publisher’s website, where you can purchase it for 18.00 US-Dollars.