.objective Software featured in Deutschlandfunk’s Computer & Kommunikation

.objective Software featured in Deutschlandfunk’s Computer & Kommunikation

.objective-CEO Clemens Dannheim was interviewed for Deutschlandfunk during Hannover Messe 2018. While attending the fair with our partner Trend Micro, journalists Peter Welchering and Manfred Kloiber did a piece about artificial intelligence and industrialization. As an expert in the area of sensors, neural networks, and programming, Clemens could provide the piece with significant depth.

Hannover Messe was a great success for .objective Software – not only did our showcase exceed all expectations, but we also received some decent coverage in the press. Such as the radio interview our CEO Clemens did with national radio station Deutschlandfunk on products of artificial intelligence in an industrial setting. The piece deals with connected production processes and machines as well as secure data transfer. A major point also includes the successes and shortcomings these products and procedures still have.

Clemens Dannheim on Deutschlandfunk: “We are already moving in the direction”

“We are already moving in the direction of creating artificial sensor data for verification systems, synthetic sensor data,” Clemens Dannheim notes, “which is then used to train neuronal networks in order to be able to derive exactly those test scenarios that allow verification afterwards, so that such a system also functions reliably.” He further elaborates that the old approach of deterministic programming isn’t feasible anymore and that we already need better alternatives to teach neural networks.

These verification systems are quite costly, which is why they aren’t used a lot already – still, they are necessary for any setting. You can listen to the journalists discuss this topic further on the website of Deutschlandfunk.