.objective Software at the Hannover Messe 2018:

.objective Software at the Hannover Fair 2018: Trend Micro, TeleOp and lots of technology

When an eight-year-old child drives a real car, that’s not necessarily a cause for concern. At least not if everything is monitored by.objective software. We provided a unique opportunity for countless visitors, including minors, to drive a teleoperated car at the Hannover Messe 2018. Because of the reduced speed and our safety driver in the vehicle, this was also no problem.

Together with our partner Trend Micro, we celebrated our premiere at a trade fair in Hanover and presented our solutions for in-car security. Similar to our event in March, we presented our teleoperated vehicle – but without the simulated hack. Instead, we invited the trade fair visitors to take the wheel themselves or take a ride in the car.

As soon as the visitors saw the live video feed from the outside course, our booth in Hall 6 became very popular. The .objective Racing Team – our field staff – explained to the visitors what was streaming on the screen: The feed from our teleoperated vehicle. Some people didn’t even want to believe that they were driving a real car from the driver’s seat of the control center. We connected the control center and the vehicle via Wifi. On the course, we set up our antenna, which provided the vehicle with a radius of about 70 meters. Of course, this radius is unlimited if the connection is established via the mobile network. However, due to the high level of radio traffic at the Hanover Fair, we decided in favor of the more secure version with Wifi.

In tests, our teleoperated vehicle drove at up to 80 km/h. For the Hannover Messe, however, we reduced the speed to 7 km/h so that even amateurs could drive the car safely. This and the safety driver in the car guaranteed a safe implementation of the showcase. This allowed drivers without a driving license to drive the car – our youngest driver was eight years old. If you wanted to be sure that the driver did not really put his hand on the car, you could also drive in the vehicle itself. Some took this opportunity to watch the steering wheel spinning eerily as the driver steered the car remotely from the booth.

For .objective Software, a successful fair ended on April 27th, where we could give our visitors at the booth and at the course an insight into the future of mobility.