Objective Software’s teleoperated Vehicle conquers Turin

Objective Software’s teleoperated Vehicle conquers Turin

On Friday, October 26th, Objective Software presented its teleoperated vehicle in Turin for the first time. The Munich based company worked with TIM and Ericsson for this event. Goal of the happening was to show how mobility and 5G will shape our technology of the future.

Turin, 11 am on a Friday. Any other day, the Piazza Castello would be filled with tourists and busy locals going about their own business. Not on October 26th 2018, though. The grand square in front of the Palazzo Madama was fenced off and a solitary BMW i3 was patrolling the square. However, the car wasn’t controlled from the inside but from a control center inside the Palazzo.

Objective Software brought teleoperated driving to a showcase in Italy for the first time. While Objective supplied the technology for the showcase, including the teleoperated vehicle and the control center, TIM and Ericsson made sure to establish a proper 5G-connection from the control center to the car.

Attending the event were several local politicians such as Turin’s major, who expressed great passion for the innovative technology. Clemens Dannheim, CEO of Objective, and Marco Bottero, CEO of Objective Italia, explained the possibilities of teleoperation in animated discussions. Also, the Italian media has covered the event in vast depth, from La Republica over La Stampa.

Thanks to Objective’s initiative and the open minds of political figures like Pisano and Appendino, we will be able to implement such future technologies sooner rather than later. The 5G event in Turin is just the beginning.