Teleoperated Driving secured by Trend Micro: Objective Software presents products in exclusive event

Teleoperated Driving secured by Trend Micro: .objective Software presents products in exclusive event

Picture this: You’re driving on an abandoned road and all of a sudden, your tank is empty – even though your display tells you that’s not the case. Well, in that case, you may have been hacked. The increased connection of cars also increase the chance of a external attack on the car – no matter if it’s concerning autonomous vehicles, teleoperated driving or simple connected cars. .objective Software and our partner, the IT-security experts of Trend Micro, have developed a recognition of such attacks on the CAN bus so we can secure them in the next step.

Secured by .objective and Trend Micro: Teleoperated Driving

On March 2nd 2018, we presented this and another cooperative product to exclusive guests from the automobile and telecommunications industry at our Munich offices. Simultaneously, our event was the premiere of the permanent installation of the demonstration of our teleoperated vehicle on campus. This demonstration included a simulated hack of the car, where our remote driver lost control over the vehicle and our security driver in the car had to stop the car. This hack didn’t happen within the actual system of the car, but solely our additional hard- and software of our teleoperated system. Afterwards, we secured our system with Trend Micro’s IoT Security (TMIS). This additional protection first denied the hacker access to the control of the car and then even the access to the car itself.

Our second joint demonstration with Trend Micro showcased the use case of a hacked CAN bus within our research vehicle. .objective Software and Trend Micro developed an attack recognition program, which displays whenever the CAN bus is hacked. During our case of the empty tank the hack was not stopped, but the system recognized the attack and the security breach was signaled to the driver. The next step is the protection of the system against external attacks. Similar to our demonstration within our teleoperated system, no manufacturer software was attacked in this demonstration. The vehicle was supplied to us by the manufacturer for research purposes with interfaces uncommon in series vehicles.

In-car security is a very significant topic and it will rapidly gain importance in the next years. After all, you don’t want to lose access to your car because of ransomware. Or to be stranded on the high way because you thought your tank was full. Or to drive way above the speed limit in populated areas, thusly endangering pedestrians and bikers. This need for security becomes more imminent, when we’re talking about teleoperated or autonomous driving. .objective Software and Trend Micro secure those for you – so you can continue to enjoy a smooth ride.