Vodafone 5G Lab Opening: .objective Software presents teleoperated crane for the first time

Vodafone 5G Lab Opening: .objective Software Presents Teleoperated Crane for the First Time

Vodafone opened the 5G Lab in Düsseldorf on 9 May 2018. In future, the mobile phone company will be testing all 5G devices that want to use the Vodafone network worldwide. In a joint showcase, .objective Software and the group presented potential applications for the 5G network: teleoperated driving with a car and for the first time the teleoperated control of a crane.

As a long-standing partner of Vodafone, .objective Software provided the showcase of teleoperated driving for the opening of the 5G Lab in Düsseldorf. On the one hand, we brought our teleoperated car to the campus again. Compared to the Vodafone Innovation Days 2017, however, we presented two significant changes to the teleoperated vehicle: Firstly, the car could now be accelerated threefold: instead of less than 30 km/h, our teleoperated vehicle now achieved top speeds of 80 km/h. We also expanded the live stream of our feed from a frontal view of the vehicle to a 360° video stream. This gives the teleoperator the same overview that a driver would have in the actual car.

Vodafone 5G Lab: Teleoperated Crane Presented at Opening

At the second showcase we brought out bigger guns: With the Grafinger crane company Schmidbauer we presented our first teleoperated crane. Here, too, we provided software and hardware components for remote control of the complex vehicle weighing 200 tons. Here the objective was not to move the vehicle itself, but rather the control of the crane arm. Attached to this arm was a container, which we were able to move remotely.

Both vehicles were parked about 60 kilometers away in Aldenhoven, on the test track of RWTH Aachen University. However, the vehicle control centers were located on the Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf.

The showcases for the opening of the lab give a good foretaste of what will be possible with 5G. We at .objective Software are looking forward to the opportunities arising from the expansion of our mobile network and the fact that we have such a strong partner in Vodafone and Schmidbauer.