Car Access Gateway

First Launch: September 2016
Tech Expert: W. Münst -

Problems solved:In the automotive domain it is sometimes difficult to prototype new solutions, due to many constraints related to safety, security, management of IP rights and, somatimes, the distance between scientific and applied research. Our Car Access Gateway provides an answer to the needs of the R&D community involved with design, development and testing of in-vehicle software and hardware components.

The car access gateway provides plug-and-play communication and access to or information about manufacturer-specific codes, extensive, customizable access to live and recorded data and offer advanced troubleshooting information. Connection to back-end systems may be realised either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB.
We decided to put all our expertise in a product able to address several categories of customers, and several kinds of budget. Basic features are available just by using the standard SAE J1962 connector, while more advance applications, including those enabling connected driving use cases, are available with the most advanced versions.

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