Parking Monitor

First Launch: May 2016
Tech Expert: A. Dratva -

Problems solved: according to several studies, in some scenarios the disruption of the traffic flow produced by vehicles looking for a parking reaches 30% of the total. To clear this hurdle, connected vehicles are just a part of the solution. Our Parking Scanner uses a consolidated technology in automotive and transfers it into infrastructure monitoring, defining in this way a new paradigm in terms of accuracy, reliability, operational costs.

Our Parking Scanner makes use of LiDAR technology to create a detailed map of the parking area, defined as a point cloud covering more than 2.500 square metres. Then, our algorithms are able to extract information concerning available parking spots, continuously updating the parking pattern and making forecasts concerning the availability of parking places over time.

The benefits of this technology are related to the total operational costs of the system, which can cover hundreds of parking spaces with a single sensing system, to the accuracy in the detection characterised by the absence of drift (typical of multi-point controlling systems) and by the possibility to integrated our Park finder app, giving real-time forecasts and route guidance based on current parking patterns.

Would you like to find your parking space faster? Just drop us a line! We're happy to help.