Teleoperated driving

Team: 10 people;
Start: November 2016;
Duration: ongoing;
Technologies: C++, ROS, D-Space, Matlab-Simulink, ADTF;

Curiosity: Internal product-oriented R&D project that aims to explore current business areas for .objective. Close collaboration with universities in Europe has been initiated for this purpose.

The development of fully autonomous cars is well on the way, but it will be at least 10 years before commercial autonomous cars run on public roads, so a solution is required for the transition phase. One useful approach is teleoperated driving: this offers the opportunity to involve human beings with their knowledge, experience and creativity whenever required. Objective is now working on a solution that can be installed both in series production and on an after-market basis. It is composed of two main components: the on-board platform and the remote control station. The onboard platform interacts with the vehicle collecting sensor data and inputting commands from the remote driver. It has read and write access to the CAN-BUS and it acts as a central gateway, securing interaction between the vehicle internal networks and the remote station while also protecting the system from external intrusions. The onboard system is also able to locally process sensor data to reconstruct the model of the surrounding environment in order to deliver only the information needed to the control station, thus avoiding communication overload. The control station includes a processing unit that receives data sent from the on-board platform and predicts the behaviour of the vehicle and its neighbours in the next few moments. It also includes an HMI for the interaction of the remote driver with the system. Connection to the vehicle is obtained via cellular communication by means of a server that could physically reside at the remote station or somewhere else, depending on the use case.

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