Car sharing 2.0

Team: 5 people;
Start: May 2016;
Duration: 24 months;
Technologies: JAVA, C++, UML, DOORS;

Curiosity: A task force in the team works on overall code review and integration. This role is intended to ensure that the final product will comply with our customer's quality standards

A car used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence but increasingly, consumers view ownership as an expense and a burden. In recent years car sharing systems have brought about a paradigm shift between traditional car ownership models and new approaches, particularly among the younger generations. These interesting mobility schemes are already doing quite well with traditional vehicles all over the world, though there is huge potential (almost unexplored at the moment) in the utilization of autonomous vehicles. Beyond the limitations of current B2C systems, where a company owns a fleet of cars and facilitates sharing among members, .objective is now working on the next generation of car sharing systems and on the integration of new services for autonomous vehicles such as valet parking and pick-up features, improved vehicle re-organisation and pay-as-you-use schemes.